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•   Ceylon Long Leaf (OP)
•   Kenya Estate (G.D.O.P)
•   Lapsang Souchang
•   Pu-Ehr
•   Summit English Breakfast
•   Summit Lemon Mint Cheer
•   Yunnan Gold - Leaves
•   Yunnan Gold - Buds
•   Belle Helene (Pear & Caramel)
•   Cherie Cherry - Paris Blend
•   Chocolate Apricot Vienne
•   French Vanilla Black Tea
•   Ginger Orange
•   Jardin Bleu
•   Lemony Black
•   Lime Black Tea
•   London Cinnamon Apple
•   Orange Cinnamon - Alsace
•   Orange Spice - Epices - Spicy Blend
•   Peach Black
•   Poet�s Tea
•   Pomegranate Tea
•   Rhapsody
•   Seven Perfumes
•   Summit Chai
•   Summit Earl Grey
•   Summit Earl Grey with Lavender
•   Sweet Grey Brulee
•   Three Flowers
•   Tropical Black
•   Violette

Black Tea

Black tea, or Hong Cha (red tea) as it is known in China , refers to teas where the tea leaf is completely oxidized. Long ago, due to British popularity, tea plants were cultivated outside of China . They were brought by the British to India , Sri Lanka and parts of Africa.

The oxidation process for black tea is started by spreading the leaves to wither, they are then rolled to begin the oxidation process by exposing essential oils to the air. When the oxidation is complete the leaf is then heated to release any remaining moisture and stop the oxidation process. Black teas have a range of robust and hearty flavors. Some are smoked on pine fires, some are left natural and some are blended with a multitude of flavors. They make a fine cup of tea and are known worldwide for their full-bodied flavor.

Ceylon Long Leaf (OP) Ceylon Long Leaf (OP)
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Kenya Estate (G.D.O.P) Kenya Estate (G.D.O.P)
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Lapsang Souchang Lapsang Souchang
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Pu-Ehr Pu-Ehr
$10.50 (2.5 oz. tin)
Summit English Breakfast Summit English Breakfast
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Lemon Mint Cheer Summit Lemon Mint Cheer
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Yunnan Gold  - Leaves Yunnan Gold - Leaves
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Yunnan Gold - Buds Yunnan Gold - Buds
$5.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Belle Helene (Pear & Caramel) Belle Helene (Pear & Caramel)
Sold Out!
Cherie Cherry - Paris Blend Cherie Cherry - Paris Blend
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Chocolate Apricot Vienne Chocolate Apricot Vienne
Sold Out!
French Vanilla Black Tea French Vanilla Black Tea
Sold Out!
Ginger Orange Ginger Orange
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jardin Bleu Jardin Bleu
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Lemony Black Lemony Black
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Lime Black Tea Lime Black Tea
Sold Out!
London Cinnamon Apple London Cinnamon Apple
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Orange Cinnamon - Alsace Orange Cinnamon - Alsace
Sold Out!
Orange Spice - Epices - Spicy Blend Orange Spice - Epices - Spicy Blend
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Peach Black Peach Black
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Poet�s Tea Poet�s Tea
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Pomegranate Tea Pomegranate Tea
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Rhapsody Rhapsody
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Seven Perfumes Seven Perfumes
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Chai   Summit Chai
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Earl Grey Summit Earl Grey
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Earl Grey with Lavender
Sold Out!
Sweet Grey Brulee Sweet Grey Brulee
Sold Out!
Three Flowers Three Flowers
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Tropical Black Tropical Black
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Violette Violette
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Your Shopping Bag is Empty!
TGY Oolong   TGY Oolong
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Mountain Thunder    Green Mountain Thunder
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser   Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser
$5.95 (Box)

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