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•   Curve Teapot - White 24oz w/ infuser
•   White Peony
•   White Silver Needle
•   Rose Silver Needle
•   Jasmine White Snow Monkey - Jasmine Yinzhen
•   White Lavender Tea

White Tea

Once the tea of emperors, white tea has recently gained in popularity outside of China . It is known for its soft flavor and delicate aroma.

White tea has the least amount of processing of all the teas. It is picked and air dried. Early spring is when the best white teas are picked. Generally the week or two surrounding the Chinese holiday Qing Ming which falls in the first week of April. The tea buds are with their downy hair and young leaf shoots make up the traditional varieties of White tea. The delicate flavor ranges from savory and nutty to vegetal. Recent studies have determined white teas have increased health benefits due to their higher levels of antioxidants.

The latest medical findings suggest that white tea may be a more effective cancer fighter than mature green tea. These findings have lifted white teas from the province of tea coinsures to enthusiastic reception by the wider health-conscious public. White teas are also a mild alternative for people who want to enjoy the health benefits of green teas but find some too strong for their taste.

Curve Teapot - White 24oz w/ infuser
$32.95 (Teaware)
White Peony White Peony
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
White Silver Needle White Silver Needle
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
 Rose Silver Needle Rose Silver Needle
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jasmine White Snow Monkey - Jasmine Yinzhen Jasmine White Snow Monkey - Jasmine Yinzhen
Sold Out!
White Lavender Tea White Lavender Tea
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
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Ginger Orange    Ginger Orange
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jardin Bleu   Jardin Bleu
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Mountain Thunder    Green Mountain Thunder
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))

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