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Big Red Robe - (Wu Yi Rock) Oolong

Description  Brewing Tips
This Chinese Oolong is also known as "Da Hong Pao" and is from the Fujian region of China. It is a dark, long leaf Oolong tea with an exquisite taste and one of China's classic teas with ancient origins. This special oolong is cultivated in rocky crevasses in the Wu Yi mountains in China’s Fujian province. These hardy tea plants grow between the gaps in the rocks and are nurtured in the mineral-rich soil of this rugged area. Trace minerals are infused into the leaves and together with the high-altitude climate come complex flavors and aroma unique to this fine oolong tea.

Origin: Fujian Province, China
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It is said of this tea “the outside like a beggar, the taste of an emperor." Dark leaves infuse a golden brown liquor.

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