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Summit Sunset Chamomile Mint

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This is an herbal tea version of our all time favorite built on a chamomile foundation with passion flower, rose, peppermint, spearmint and wild cherry bark. Incredible aroma and mild taste, there is a lot to discover in this colorful celebration of the Tea Masters art of proportion, weight, and savor.

Origin: Ingredients from Egypt and the U.S.; blended in the U.S.
6 oz. bag
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Small Tin Refill (Bag) $4.00 
Large Tin Refill (Bag)
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4 oz. bag
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2 oz. tin $10.50 
0.5 oz. tin $4.95 

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$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser   Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser
$5.95 (Box)
Vanilla Mint Bliss - Reduced Caffeine   Vanilla Mint Bliss - Reduced Caffeine
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))

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