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Summit Tea's Story

A great cup of tea is hard to find – we’ve traveled to China to bring some of the best teas to you.

Welcome to Summit Tea! Marji and Mary, owners of Summit Tea, are very happy to welcome you to the wonderful would of fine teas. Our story started when Marji lived in China from 2002-2004. During her time there, she learned how wonderful loose/whole leaf tea is, and she had the chance to taste traditionally produced teas of all varieties – black, white, oolong, green, and even tisanes (herbal infusions). When she moved back to the United States, she brought her interest in quality whole leaf tea back to Mary.

Mary quickly developed a passion for fine teas that equaled Marji’s. Mary’s interest in tea was piqued by how closely fine teas parallel fine wines. Just like a glass of wine, each tea is an individual to be enjoyed on its own, or coupled with food.

In April 2005, we traveled to China together. It was during this trip that we really got serious about starting a tea business of our own – what has become Summit Tea. The tea that most people are familiar with come in tea bags, however tea bags tend to be a lower grade of tea made from fannings (the tea dust that remains after the whole leaf tea is packaged). We knew that Summit Tea could provide an opportunity to share the endless, wonderful world of the highest quality teas that are just waiting to be tasted. We also want to provide beverage choices that are delicious and healthy.

The name “Summit Tea” represents that our business provides the top teas available. This strong name is also appropriate because some of the world’s best teas are grown at higher elevations.

Most of our tea is produced in China, with a few of our teas processed in France. We have worked to gather a beautiful and delicious array of teas to meet everyone’s tastes. In addition to traditional teas, we also offer decaffeinated and herbal (naturally caffeine-free) options.

Quality tea is just starting to take off in the United States. Many people new to the world of tea start with sweeter teas and work their way to more natural, pure, and traditional teas as their palette changes. We invite you to try all of our teas. You will not be disappointed!

We are both graduates of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. (Go Zags!) Friends since 1991, we have enjoyed many fine cups of tea together. We look forward to sharing these fine teas with you.

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Phone: 1-949-842-6125
Address: 333 E. Stuart Ave., Suite D, Redlands, CA 92374




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