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Summit wholesale is about you — the next generation of leaders. As owners/managers of coffee and tea shops, natural markets, hotels, food service, catering, and young entrepreneurs you are our sweet spot. Because you touch the lives of 1000’s of people each year, we are committed to leveraging that influence and your success. This translates directly into the advantages that Summit Wholesale will bring to your business.

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We build growing & profitable Tea Program

Most customers know coffee, but not tea. Often tea is the highest margin but most undersold product in many shops. Summit’s proven Tea Program, backed by our best sellers and large inventory, will quickly prove to be your most profitable income stream.

We become your tea experts

Since our start in 2004, we have learned what sells. You know that inferior coffee will not impress today’s coffee drinkers. The customer’s expectations have risen with the sophistication of craft coffee roasting. In the same way, tea drinkers LOVE premium teas and recognize them when they taste them. Selecting the premium teas that support your vision becomes the cornerstone of your Tea Program.

We maximize your cash flow

If we can first get your Tea Program working for you, then it will work out for Summit in the long run, too. We combine quick processing of your orders and small minimums to stretch your tea-buying dollar.

We have over 100 premium teas & herbs

We start with best sellers and then follow your customers’ tastes. With many teas in each taste group, we dial in your Tea Program to suit your unique customers.

So... give us a try!

With the approval of your new wholesale account, tea samples are free on request. Select 4 to 6 teas that you would like to try. Want some input or more information? Let’s arrange a phone call.

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