Shipping & Packaging


  • Summit Tea Ships through USPS First Class and Priority Mailing
  • Free Shipping for Retail after $30 purchase
  • Free Shipping for Wholesale on everything after approved wholesale account
  • Free Wholesale Samples available on request after approved wholesale account

Packaging Sizes

Summit Tea offers several sizes and types of packaging. Here are some of our standard sizes.

Tin Refill Bags
0.5 lb Bag
1/2 lb. Bag
1.0 lb Bag
1 lb. Bag
2.5 lb Bag
2 1/2 lb. Bag

Special Packaging

Organic Tins
Organic Tins

All of the teas in our organic line are offered in a special designer tin.

Grocery Store Packaging

Special Grocery Store Retail Packaging available on request and approval.

Packaging Sizes

We do our best to package our tea in the most standard way possible. However, due to varying densities of our teas, the packaging may vary depending on the volume of the tea.

(Pictured: Peach Rooibos & White Peony)