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•   Dragon Well - Xi Hu Long Jing West Lake
•   Golden Jade Rings
•   Green Dragon Pearl
•   Green Gunpowder
•   Green Gunpowder - Pin Head
•   Green Mountain Thunder
•   Jade Bamboo
•   Matcha - Ceremonial Grade
•   Jasmine Green
•   Jasmine Mango
•   Jasmine Pearl
•   Moroccan Mint
•   Summit Mango Mint
•   Tea of the Abbey
•   Temple Tea
•   Tropical Breeze

Green Tea

Green teas are known for there refreshing taste and pleasing aromas. Also known for their many health benefits, green teas are becoming the tea of choice.

Green tea is picked and quickly heated by steaming or pan firing. The subtle flavors and aromas as well as the health benefits are sealed inside through this process. These delicate leaves range in flavor from grassy and vegetal to nutty and sweet. Because the leaves are so delicate, the best cup of green tea is brewed with water well below the boiling point. This ensures the leaves are not cooked and the subtle flavors lost.

Dragon Well - Xi Hu Long Jing West Lake Dragon Well - Xi Hu Long Jing West Lake
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Golden Jade Rings Golden Jade Rings
$6.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Dragon Pearl Green Dragon Pearl
$5.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Gunpowder Green Gunpowder
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Gunpowder - Pin Head Green Gunpowder - Pin Head
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Green Mountain Thunder Green Mountain Thunder
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jade Bamboo Jade Bamboo
Sold Out!
Matcha - Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Ceremonial Grade
$10.00 (Large Tin Refill (Bag))
Jasmine Green Jasmine Green
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jasmine Mango Jasmine Mango
Sold Out!
Jasmine Pearl Jasmine Pearl
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Moroccan Mint Moroccan Mint
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Mango Mint Summit Mango Mint
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Tea of the Abbey Tea of the Abbey
$5.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Temple Tea Temple Tea
$9.00 (Large Tin Refill (Bag))
Tropical Breeze Tropical Breeze
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
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Summit Logo 100 ct Unbleached Paper DrawstringTea Filter Bags   Summit Logo 100 ct Unbleached Paper DrawstringTea Filter Bags
$5.50 (Box)
Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser   Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser
$5.95 (Box)
Jardin Bleu   Jardin Bleu
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))

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