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•   Big Red Robe - (Wu Yi Rock) Oolong
•   Golden Lily Milk Oolong
•   Jade Oolong
•   TGY Oolong
•   TGY Oolong (Better Quality)
•   Tie Guan Yin - Iron Goddess - Superior Grade
•   Chocolate Truffle
•   Jardin Luxembourg

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are the most complex and highly prized of all teas. They are a full bodied tea known for their floral sweet aroma and pleasing taste. They are a semi oxidized (fermented) tea that fall in the category between Green teas and black teas. Oolongs range from bright green and slightly fermented to dark-leafed and hearty. The production of delicious oolong tea requires time-honored tradition and outstanding craftsmanship.

After the tea leaves are picked, they are often rolled or shaken to bruise the leaf edges. This allows the essential oils to react with the air and start oxidation. The oxidation process turns the leaf darker and produces distinctive fragrances before heat is added to set the taste. The most crucial part in the production of oolong tea is the point at which to stop oxidation. The leaves are then refired at a low temperature using charcoal to slowly steam out the remaining moisture and lock in the rich flavors that oolong tea is known to offer.

Big Red Robe - (Wu Yi Rock) Oolong Big Red Robe - (Wu Yi Rock) Oolong
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Golden Lily Milk Oolong Golden Lily Milk Oolong
$10.00 (Large Tin Refill (Bag))
Jade Oolong Jade Oolong
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
TGY Oolong TGY Oolong
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
TGY Oolong (Better Quality) TGY Oolong (Better Quality)
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Tie Guan Yin - Iron Goddess - Superior Grade Tie Guan Yin - Iron Goddess - Superior Grade
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Chocolate Truffle Chocolate Truffle
$7.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Jardin Luxembourg Jardin Luxembourg
$7.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
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TGY Oolong   TGY Oolong
$4.50 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Vanilla Mint Bliss - Reduced Caffeine   Vanilla Mint Bliss - Reduced Caffeine
$4.00 (Small Tin Refill (Bag))
Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser   Summit Medium Stainless Steel Infuser
$5.95 (Box)

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