Jasmine Blooming Tea


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Fine Jasmine tea leaves are hand tied around the base of a Pink Globe Amaranth flower and Golden Marigold AND with Jasmine flowers floating above. A spectacular show! As the tea steeps the leaves gently open and bloom showing off the lovely flowers. Serve in a clear glass tea pot or goblet to inspire conversation. Keep adding water to enjoy more of the beautiful Jasmine flavor.




Hand-tied tea Green tea leaves surround a Pink globe amaranth flower, a golden Marigold flower, AND a string of Jasmine flowers.

Brewing Tips:

These teas are best enjoyed in a glass vessel. Add one to your favorite glass teapot, cup or wine glass. Be sure the glass can take boiling water. Gently pour boiling water over the tea and watch it slowly unfurl. Can be re-steeped many times.


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