Rose Silver Needle


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Rare white tea, Silver Needle, is combined with red rose petals. The result is Yinzhen Tea; beautiful to the eye and delightful to the taste.  Imported from Fujian Province, China.

Ingredients:  White tea, rose petals

Brewing Tips:

White Tea brewing for traditional Western drinkers begins with bottled or spring water. Then, a generous three-fingered pinch of dry tea combined with 185-190F water steeped from 3-6 minutes according to taste. Taste is everything with this tea, so experiment with tea quantity and steeping time to dial in the way you like it best. Remember that this quality tea will produce great taste for a second and third cup.

Traditional steeping in China also begins with very hot spring water but is only steeped for 5-7 seconds between servings in a 5 cup sequence.

  • First Cup: Is all about the smell. Inhale deeply immediately after the brief steeping time. Purests will pour this cup out after enjoying the soothing aroma
  • Second Cup: Is all about the taste. Savor it sip by sip on the flat of the tongue
  • Third Cup: Call the “best cup” for the exquisite blend of smell and taste. Traditional Western drinkers often miss this cup by over steeping and throwing the tea out after one infusion
  • Cups 4 & 5: Linger with a favorite tea snack and enjoy!




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