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Yes!  Our fabulous Summit Chai black tea is now available in a convenient sweet liquid concentrate form.  All of the flavor that you know and love is headed to the milk of your choice.  Plus, it’s made from real tea, real herbs, and organic sugar!

This premium loose leaf black and whole herb tea creation is made of Indian spices, organic sugar, sprinkled with ginger bits, clove, red peppercorns and cardamom pods.  Blended in France; brewed at Summit.

How to Brew: Start with a 50/50 mix of your favorite milk, then dial in your taste preference with a little more or less concentrate (hard core Chai lovers have been known to drink it straight, but we don’t recommend it!).  1 quart makes 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon makes 2 gallons of the best Chai you have ever tasted!

Looking for a decaf chai? Look under Herbal Teas for our Summit Tea Herbal Chai and coconut version. 

* Gallon size is only available for Summit warehouse pickup or local delivery

1 Quart concentrate makes 2 Quarts Chai1 gallon concentrate makes 2 gallons   Chai on the go!Chai on the go!


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